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The shipping channel at Outer Harbor, Port Adelaide, is a busy shipping hub that sees hundreds of vessels come and go each year transporting goods into and out of South Australia.

In May 2018, the State Government granted Flinders Ports development approval to widen the Outer Harbor shipping channel so that larger ships, which are increasingly being used by international shipping companies, can safely and efficiently access Adelaide’s Outer Harbor port facilities.

Most Australian container ports can already accommodate wider vessels without restrictions. Changes to the Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal are vital to ensuring South Australia remains competitive and globally accessible in the logistics and tourism industries.

The Outer Harbor Channel Widening project will enable the port to accommodate container ships and cruise ships with a maximum width of 49 metres without operational restrictions. Currently, operational restrictions are necessary for vessels more than 42.2 metres wide, limiting the port’s efficiency and accessibility.

Flinders Ports applied for a dredging licence through the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in July 2018 and public consultation occurred from 5 – 30 November 2018. The dredging licence was issued in March 2019, and works commenced in early June 2019.

The dredging program will focus on increasing the width of the channel only. The depth will remain unchanged. Dredge material is proposed to be placed approximately 30km off-shore in Gulf St Vincent – the same location used for the 2005 channel deepening project.

Widening the Outer Harbor shipping channel will unlock further import and export opportunities for South Australia.

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Project Timeline

The timeline indicates the expected progress of the project.

Please note that these timelines are subject to change.

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