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Safety for people and the environment is the top priority for Flinders Ports.

At Flinders Ports, we view ourselves as an environmental custodian of the State’s coastal waterways.

When you are shipping products through one of our ports, it is essential to know that you are dealing with a port operator that takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.

Flinders Ports is certified in ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems, but that is only the beginning. We see our certifications as minimum standards and not our main goal.

Our goal is to constantly refine and improve our environmental management standards to benefit our clients and our other stakeholders. We are striving for excellence across a number of areas, including storm water management.

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Concerned about an environmental issue at one of our ports?

Call +61 (0)8 8447 0600 or email flindersports@flindersports.com.au with the title “Environmental Event” to report an environmental concern to Flinders Ports.



The number one goal at Flinders Ports is to make sure our workforce returns home from work accident and injury free, each and every day.

Flinders Ports is certified to OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health & Safety Systems and ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems, but as with environmental management, we use these safety and quality systems as our minimum benchmark.

We are continually reviewing our safety solutions and our aim is to completely eliminate risks wherever we can.

A strong network of Work, Health and Safety (WHS) Committees operates across each of our locations and operational departments and Flinders Ports is also represented on the Flinders Port Holdings group’s central WHS Committee.

This ensures we have feedback from the wharf side to the Boardroom and that risks and safety issues are identified and controlled promptly.

Concerned about a safety issue at one of our ports?

Call +61 (0)8 8447 0600 or email flindersports@flindersports.com.au with the title “Safety Event” to report a safety issue to Flinders Ports.

Flinders Ports safety

As part of the Flinders Port Holdings group, we comply with the group’s policies on corporate social responsibility.

Follow the link to learn more about how Flinders Ports delivers ports and marine services responsibly.

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South Australia’s Gateway

With seven ports, Flinders Ports is South Australia's leading privately owned port operator.

Our ongoing program of investment in new plant and infrastructure is driving the safety and productivity gains we are delivering to our valued clients.

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