New wave in stormwater management


Maintaining high standards within stormwater management systems is a key element of Flinders Ports’ environmental management system. 

At the Berth 29 Port Adelaide River Bulk Precinct, we have developed an environmentally sound, stormwater management systems.  But under new plans, reviewed and approved by the Development Assessment Commission (DAC), stormwater run-off from Berth 29 will be treated and tested on site, before being released back into the Port River.

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The catchment system

The bulk precinct is currently separated into three catchment areas: southern, central and northern.

Two settling ponds installed in the central and northern areas collect stormwater. The central settling pond holds 753,000 litres while the pond at the northern edge of the bulk handling facility can capture up to 1,008,000 litres of stormwater. A pipe network with a capacity of 200,000 litres serves as storage for the southern area.  Residues from vehicles, or dust particles blown into Berth 29 are collected in these ponds and pipe network through stormwater runoff. The stormwater that has been collected is then taken off site for disposal by a licensed waste disposal company.

Onsite processing in the pipeline

Detailed planning and design is underway for the bio-filtration hybrid technology. This will enable Flinders Ports to add a fourth settling pond, capable of holding 1,000,000 litres to the east of the Berth 29 precinct to recycle and treat captured stormwater. The three stage treatment methodology is a pump-based system, where the stormwater that has been collected will undergo initial sedimentation, followed by bio-filtration and secondary sedimentation.  The water will then be processed through an Osorb Absorption System and tested by an independent, external water quality monitoring provider before it is returned to the water cycle.

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