Key community sponsorships

As part of the Flinders Port Holdings’ community sponsorship program, Flinders Ports delivers a number of group’s major sponsorships, as well as providing support for many local sporting clubs, organisations and events in and around our port communities.

Some of our key community sponsorships include:

The Port Festival

AMWRRO is the only organisation in South Australia licensed to rescue, rehabilitate and release all species of seals, seabirds and sea turtles.

AMWRRO also works with state departments to rescue and release dolphins and whales that are found entangled, injured or beached.

The organisation also assists with marine wildlife issues across Australia and when possible, transports injured animals to South Australia for treatment and rehabilitation before returning them to their original location.

If you spot an injured animal when you enjoying the beaches and waterways, please call AMWRRO on 8262 5452 for assistance.

Flinders Ports has been sponsoring AMWRRO since 2012.

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Amwrro logo

Flinders Ports is a proud sponsor of The One and All Tall Ship.

STV One and All was built by W.G. Porter & Son Pty Ltd at North Haven South Australia with the assistance of a team of enthusiastic volunteers and was commissioned on 5 April 1987. Although it is based on the original rig of an l850’s brigantine, One and All is not a replica. It is made of timber and has been built to the modern standards required by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

One and All is owned by the South Australian Government for and on behalf of the people of South Australia.

Flinders Ports has been sponsoring One and All since 2014.

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One and All tall ship sports equipment for Jan 15 venture scouts voyage

Flinders Ports has a proud partnership with the South Australian Maritime Museum, which spans more than 14 years.

It was back in 2002 that Flinders Ports first provided funding for an exhibition and this enabled the Museum to secure a development grant from the Commonwealth Government.

The much needed finance enabled the Museum to re-invent itself, bringing maritime history to a 21st century audience. Today Flinders Ports supports the Museum in delivering high quality exhibitions that engage audiences, and the extremely successful schools program, which has benefitted more than 7000 students since 2008.

“In October 2013, during the Port Festival weekend we were able to offer free admission with the support from Flinders Ports. The result met our community service goals in opening the Museum to people for whom the price of admission may present a barrier. It also attracted an enormous audience – 12,000 people visited us in just two days! That is our busiest weekend ever.”

Kevin Jones, Director, South Australian Maritime Museum

South Australian Maritime Museum

The Baudin exhibition is proudly sponsored by Flinders Ports, the ports division of Flinders Port Holdings. It opened on 30 June and will run until 11 December 2016. For more information visit the South Australian Maritime Museum’s website:

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Flinders Ports funds a travel grant scheme for families with children living in Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula.

The purpose of the scheme is to help families with the cost of travel, so that their children can participate in sporting and educational activities. Administered through the office of MP for Flinders, Hon. Peter Treloar, the scheme has been assisting families from the Eyre Peninsula since 2005, with payments being made to over 300 families in 2015.

To apply for a Flinders Ports Youth Travel Grant, please contact flinders.portlincoln@parliament.sa.gov.au

Or call into the Flinders electorate office to collect an application form:

Shop 16, Civic Centre
Tasman Terrace
Port Lincoln SA 5606

Please note to be eligible for the Flinders Ports Youth Travel Grant Scheme, you must be a resident of the Electorate of Flinders.

Port Lincoln aerial view

Applications for our community sponsorships are invited between 1 February and 30 April each year.

If you would like to be considered for a Flinders Ports community sponsorship, please tell us about your organisation or event by completing our community sponsorship application form and emailing it to: sponsorship@flindersports.com.au.


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