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Investigator science centre’s port education program

30 April 2003

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Commencing in April, Adelaide school children will have the opportunity to take part in an educational program focused on the operations of the Port of Adelaide.

Sponsored jointly by Flinders Ports and CSX World Terminals, and conducted through the Investigator Science and Technology Centre, the program features a two-hour tour of the port, taking in the signal tower, passenger terminal and CSX container terminal.

In an interactive environment, children will gain an understanding of what makes a port a port through a science show, be able to climb up an operational signal tower, play the role of a port worker, and try some hands on activities that show how a port really works using science and technology!

In funding the program, Flinders Ports welcomes the opportunity to support increased community awareness and education about the operations of a commercial port.

“Flinders Ports and CSX wanted to provide South Australian school children with an opportunity to experience the excitement of port operations and to gain an understanding of the importance of the port to the community” according to Peter Cheers, Flinders Ports General Manager Human Resources.

“It provides them with an educational experience away from the confines of the school room. If we can inspire a few of the children as a result of what they see and learn through our program then we will have achieved our goal”, he said.

Following a successful initial session on Wednesday, 23rd April 2003, future sessions will be conducted fortnightly on Wednesdays with tours operating between 9:30 and 11:30am, and 12:15 and 2:15pm.

For further information or to make a group booking, please call Belinda at the Investigator Science and Technology Centre on 8410 1115.

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