Adelaide VTS

Flinders Ports Pty Ltd is authorised as a VTS Authority in accordance with the provisions of marine order 64 (Vessel Traffic Services) 2003 (+MO64)


Flinders Ports – Port Adelaide is authorised as a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Authority in accordance with the provisions of Marine Order 64 (Vessel Traffic Services) 2013 (MO64).

Adelaide VTS is located in the Passenger Terminal, Oliver Rogers Road, Outer Harbor.
Call sign – “Adelaide VTS’.

Adelaide VTS, is authorised to render the following services as defined in the guidelines for VTS mentioned in IMO resolution A.857 (20):

  • Information Service (INS)
  • Traffic Organisation Service (TOS)
  • Navigational Assistance Service (NAS)

Our Adelaide VTS Objectives:

  • Flinders Ports VTS to maintain a traffic image for the entirety of the defined VTS coverage area.
  • Adelaide VTS communications system to provide the capability to interact with marine traffic throughout the VTS area.
  • Capability to interact with a vessel to influence the decision making process on board the vessel.
  • Ensure both internal and external training requirements are met by the use of the Flinders Ports VTSO training policy.
  • To have zero accidents within the VTS coverage area.
  • Reduce the overall number of incidents within the VTS coverage area.
  • Maintain effective relationships with allied services and stakeholders.
  • Enhance efficiency in order to reduce waiting times for marine traffic.
  • Ensure all vessels that breach either Port Rules or the VTS regulations are notified via a formal process.
  • All staff to have access to the Company’s QMS.

Operating Procedures

To find out more about Adelaide VTS operating procedures please see document below

Operating a VTS

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