Flinders Ports inductions

To apply for a Flinders Ports Access Card, you must complete an application form and forward it to Flinders Ports.

Once you have applied for a Flinders Ports Access card, you will be sent a user ID and password, so you can log on and complete the induction.

Log on to complete your induction:

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After you have completed your online induction, please call us on +61 (0)8 8447 0600 and arrange a time to visit your local Flinders Ports office to have your photograph taken for your Flinders Ports Access Card.  Your card will then be sent out to you by post.

Please note that you will only be eligible to receive a Flinders Ports Access card if you have a valid MSIC or provide evidence that you have applied for one.


How do I renew my Flinders Ports Access Card?

If you have a Flinders Ports Access Card which is due to expire, it is possible to renew this for a further two years, providing you have a valid MSIC. There is no need to renew your photo, but you will need to renew your induction status and pay a renewal fee of $100 for your new card.

Applying for access – FAQs

Inductions for port users normally take about one hour, but it does depend on which areas of our port facilities that you need to access. We require you to have your photograph taken for the Flinders Ports Access Card at one of our offices. 

After you have completed your induction, call us on +61 (0)8 8447 0611 to arrange a time to have your photograph taken at your nearest Flinders Ports office and your access card created. Appointments are available at our offices 9:00 am – 4 pm, Monday to Friday. All access cards are created at our Head Office in Port Adelaide, so your card will be posted to you if you are working at one of our regional ports.

Yes, the card costs $100 and is valid for two years.

If you lose your card, you must report it to Flinders Ports as soon as possible and the lost card will be cancelled.

You will need to apply for a replacement card and pay a fee of $100 for your new card.

No, we have a strict policy on access which is applied without exception: no induction, no card means no access.

Even if you are accessing the port on a one-off basis you will still need an access card. If you need to gain entry, please call us today on +61 (0)8 8447 0600 to get the application process started and get the access you need.

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No, your Flinders Ports Access Card will only give you access to the berths and gates you requested access for and that we have approved.

When a ship arrives at one of our ports, the Flinders Ports’ pilot will issue the vessel’s Captain with Flinders Ports Access Cards for the ship’s crew.

The ship’s Captain is responsible for these cards and must keep a register of whom these cards are given to.

When the vessel departs, the Captain must give the Flinders Ports Access Cards back to our pilot along with the register of card recipients. A $50 fine will be issued for any lost or stolen cards that are not returned by the Captain.

Ship crew changes are handled by the ship’s agent and the agent will organise entry into the port.

Security level 1 is the normal security level at Flinders Ports’ facilities. Under level 1, you will need your Flinders Ports Access Card to gain access to our facilities through all of our electronic gates.

If we are advised to by Australian Government agencies to increase our security levels, to level 2 or 3, our electronic access gates will be manned, port users will need to show their MSIC to our security personnel at the gates and correctly display their MSIC card at all times while on site.

At levels 2 or 3, we may also be required to conduct random stop and searches of anyone within our port precincts.

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