Restricted Zones

In and around our berths we have waterside and landside restricted zones that we have developed as part of our Maritime Security Plans.

No unauthorised access is allowed to these secure prohibited areas.

Waterside restricted zones

Under our Waterside Restricted Zones, all vessels are required to keep 50 metres off the wharf face and 25 metres forward and aft of the ship at the berth.

  • M Berth – waterside restricted zone

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  • Outer Harbor Berths 1-4 – waterside restricted zone

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  • Outer Harbor Berths 6 & 7 – waterside restricted zone

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  • Port Lincoln waterside restricted zone

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  • Kirton Point waterside restricted zone

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Landside restricted zones

Landside restricted zones vary from berth to berth depending on the cargo being handled and the infrastructure in and around the berth facility.


If you or your agent require to enter one of our landside restricted zones you will need to have a current Flinders Ports Access card and a Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC).

For further information about any of our landside restricted zones, please call us on +61 (0)8 8447 0600.

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