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Flinders Ports cruise liner schedule

On the 15th March 2020, the Australian Federal Government announced a biosecurity emergency period under the Biosecurity Act 2015 restricting all international cruise ships into Australian waters. This legislation requires review every three months, and includes: 

  • extending to 17 December, the current measures restricting the entry of cruise ships into Australian Territory and entry at Australian ports; and
  • continuing the application of these restrictions to cruise ships capable of carrying 100 or more passengers.

Australian flagged vessels operating with under 99 passengers or other vessels approved to operate in Australia abiding with the Coastal Trading Act 2012 and carry under 99 passengers are exempt from the current restrictions faced by larger cruise ships.

For up to date South Australian information on COVID19 requirements and travel restrictions please visit: SA Gov

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If you are interested in cruise ships and would like to catch a glimpse of these floating palaces as they sail through South Australian waters, the best vantage points in Adelaide are Semaphore or Lady Ruthven Reserve.

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If you are a cruise passenger, or a friend or relative of cruise passenger planning to visit the Port Adelaide Passenger Terminal, follow the link below for more information.

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